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The way your smile looks is important for confidence in your appearance, but it’s also an indicator of good health and hygiene. Teeth that are damaged by decay and infection do not look aesthetically pleasing and can cause damage to other, healthy teeth. But with comprehensive cosmetic dentistry in Hunsterville, NC, from Dr. JC Duncan, you can enjoy a completely revitalized smile that looks beautiful and is healthy as well.

Your Options for Dental CosmeticsCosmetic Dentistry Smile

Dr. Duncan and his team design personalized cosmetic treatment plans for patients who need an aesthetic boost. With our range of procedures, we are able to make minor adjustments for a positive overall affect, or perform complex cosmetic restorations for improvements in health and function, as well as appearance.

Available cosmetic therapies include:

Zoom! Bleaching – This in-office teeth whitening treatment produces dramatic, noticeable results in just one visit. Teeth bleaching effectively lifts years of accumulated stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco. In only about an hour and a half, you’ll have a bright new smile you can feel good about.

Invisalign® – Our Huntersville cosmetic dental office provides clear braces to correct mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. In as little as 10 weeks, you can have a straight new smile. Invisalign® is nearly invisible when worn. The aligners contain no metal components, unlike traditional braces, making it an easy and convenient treatment for correcting your smile.

Composite Fillings – Instead of highly-visible metal alloy to treat cavities, Dr. Duncan uses tooth-colored composite material. These white fillings match the color of your dental enamel and do not create tooth sensitivity in the way that metal restorations can.

Veneers – If you’re dealing with multiple cosmetic issues, veneers can provide an effective solution with minimal treatment time and office visits. Veneers are ultra-thin slices of porcelain that are used to change the shape and alignment of teeth, thereby correcting chips, cracks, and minor instances of uneven spacing. Dr. Duncan provides traditional and prep-less veneers, depending on what issues you’re looking to treat and the current condition of your smile.

All-Porcelain Crowns – We use durable and life-like zirconia and porcelain to replace decayed dental enamel and revitalize teeth. Our crowns do not contain a metal base, so you can feel confident that any restored teeth with look natural and hold-up well over time.

Dental Implant Restoration – When you have a missing tooth, you need treatment that provides you with a natural-looking smile, as well as complete oral function. We help implant patients achieve cosmetic transformations with custom implant crowns. We can use high noble metal, such as gold, platinum, or palladium, in your restoration for long-lasting treatments that maintain their appearance and function for patients who grind their teeth. 

Cosmetic Care with a Focus on Function

Your cosmetic smile makeover should help you enjoy renewed aesthetic, health, and function. When planning and carrying out your cosmetic treatment, Dr. Duncan places an emphasis on Cosmetic Dental Carefunction. We make sure that your restorations are balanced for comfortable bite alignment, and that any weak teeth can be renewed to help you bite and chew with confidence.

For proper optimization of dental function, your treatment should be as long-lasting as possible.  Our Huntersville cosmetic dentist uses the strongest tooth-colored materials and quality, noble metals to help you enjoy care that stands the test of time.

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